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clean room and modular partition solution

Clean Room

A clean room has a controlled level of tainting that is indicated by the quantity of particles/m3 and by most extreme molecule size. To give a point of view, outer environment would be considered around a 5,000,000 class clean room.

Clean rooms can be little or extensive. Whole assembling offices can be contained inside a clean room with industrial facility floors covering a great many square meters. They are utilized widely as a part of Semiconductor assembling, Biotechnology, Life sciences and different fields that are extremely touchy to natural tainting.

The air entering a clean room from outside is separated to bar dust and the air inside is always recycled through High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) channels to evacuate inside produced contaminants.

Progressive Wall Partitions systems

Wall panels systems are ideal for applications with significant bulk heading requirements, and anti-static wall systems.

Tongue and grove panel systems

An all-purpose modular clean room system, features various thick wall Panels that can utilize a wide variety of wall panels. These panels can be used to outfit existing facilities or create freestanding envelope structures.


  • Standard size : 1200 X 3000mm (Other sizes customizable on request)
  • Extensive Bulk heading Flexibility
  • Support for Process/Utilities
  • Anti-static Wall Panels
  • Load-bearing Systems

Unlimited Wall Panel Options

Wall panels Designed for life science, biotech and pharmaceutical applications that require a Designed primarily for the microelectronics and nano tech industries,

Flush wall surface with radius corners for ease of cleaning. Wall panels feature non-porous surfaces with architectural finishes that withstand repeated cleaning and sanitization with various chemical solutions.


Our modular systems can be easily expanded,relocated or reused, allowing the enclosure to adapt to future changes or server expansion at your business.

Clean Installation

Prefabricated modular components require minimal on-site fabrication, minimizing the possibility of dust and other contaminants near servers.

Low Maintenance

Our durable, prefabricated modular walls require little maintenance, eliminating the cost for repainting, surface repairs and other maintenance associated with conventional construction materials.

Non Progressive Wall Partitions systems

Designed to meet the specifications of clean room environments all-purpose system Featuring 50 mm, 60mm , 80 mm,100mm wall systems that can utilize a wide variety of wall panels. This system can be used to outfit existing facilities or create freestanding envelope structures

Professional Appearance

Concealed clips and fasteners at the side joint of the panels offers a clean, high profile appearance especially when compared to the "barn-like" metal building looks of many systems on the market


  • Load-bearing Systems
  • In-Stud Wiring / Utility Raceways
  • Non-progressive Construction


  • Wall panels provide flush, seamless wall surface
  • Wall panels utilized to allow flush wall Surface on both sides on stud framework
  • Ideal for wash down environments
  • Easy removal of panels without disturbing adjacent panels, ceiling or framework for minimum contamination
  • Superior finish
  • ln-Stud Wiring Raceways
  • Integrated Ceiling Options
  • Integrated Window Options
  • Completely Flush Panel System
  • Cavity Wall Design
  • Fully Integrated Aseptic Envelope
  • Integrated Flush Ceiling & Window Systems
  • Easy Process Integration

Ceiling Panels

An immaculate roof makes an impeccable Cleanroom, Alfa Ceiling Systems are intended to fit each necessity and hold fast to stringent Quality Standards that fit in consistently with whatever remains of the room framing. The Ceiling Panels are affixed to profile that are put on a molecule tight expelled aluminum framework network with silicone sealant.


  • Standard size : 1200 X 3000mm (Other sizes adaptable on solicitation)
  • MOC : GI Pre-Coated/GI powder-covered/SS – 304
  • Thickness: 0.6/0.8/1mm
  • Skin Type: GPSP sheet/Aluminum sheet
  • Board Thickness: 50/60/80/100mm
  • Processing plant made Cut-outs (For Filter and Light Fixtures and different Services)
  • Fire retardant PUF as In-Fill (Other In-Fill options available on request)
  • Fire retardant PUF as In-fill (Other In-Fill alternatives accessible on solicitation)
  • Roof suspension.


Alfa provide wide range of Clean Room compatible Doors . These are basically meant for air ingression in the room. The door has mechanically interlocked vertical edges that add strength and rigidity, which makes them appropriate for light and heavy use.

Clean room doors are available with interfacing profile for a flush and easy installation on existing walls.

Fully flush surfaces with wall system

A large variety of swing out pharmaceutical doors

Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic sliding doors

Door hardware by world market leading manufacturers

Custom dimensions available

Heavy-duty structure for high durability

Thick flush doors made of 0.8 mm thick PU powder coated GPSP sheet with honeycomb kraft paper / PUF as infill, 1.2 mm thick GPSP powder coated door frames, with provisions for double glazing glass and hardwares like push plate, door closure, SS D handle, SS ball bearing butt hinges, concealed tower bolt for the double door etc.

Types of Doors

  • Scientific Doors
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Emergency Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Roll up Doors


  • Honey Comb Kraft
  • PUF (Polyurethane Foam)
  • Rock Wool


Internal Clean room Windows – Stainless Steel Frame

Manufactured to suit both traditional built and modular wall systems the ALFA clean room window complies with GMP/GLP requirements. Units can be offered with integral blinds, smart glass and fire rating independently tested to European Norm (EN) 1364 – 1 for up to 2 hours fire resistance.

Double or single glazed

Safety glass to BS6206B

Stainless steel frames

Manufactured to suit various wall construction/thickness

Flush or wrap around

40mm thick sealed units

Integral blinds available.


The major accessories required for Clean room constriction are.


2D corner coving

3D corner coving

View Panels

Inbuilt / Projected Raisers

Supply and Return Air Raiser Grills

Pass Box

Alfa provide Static and Dynamic pass boxes meeting the customer specific requirements and to the highest standards

In pharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities, it is essential to minimise man / material movement and avoid cross contamination between different classified areas to achieve desired classification and to maintain integrity of products and processes. Pass Box is designed to allow material transfer without much personnel movement. It also aids controlling ingress of particulate contaminants into clean room and between different classified areas.

Alfa makes Static and Dynamic Pass Boxes meeting the customer specific requirements and to the highest standards. Option of choosing the type of pass box depends on the containment level and transfer of material from one class of cleanliness to other class of cleanliness. We also supply the pass boxes suitable for flame proof areas.

Static Pass Box

  • Double Walled Construction
  • Electro-magnetic Interlocking view panels
  • Mechanical / Pneumatic interlocking

Dynamic Pass Box

  • Two Stage filtration
  • Statically & Dynamically balanced Motor-blower
  • Electro-magnetic Interlocking

Air Flow Unit

Alfa offers proven protection for samples and processes. The work area is continuously supplied with positive pressure

Horizontal Unidirectional Air Flow Units are designed for offering highest product protection by providing ISO Class 5 particle free work area for handling critical process. HLAF offers proven protection for the samples and processes. The work area is continuously supplied with positive pressure.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Units are designed for offering highest product protection for samples and processes by providing ISO Class 5 particle free work area. The work area is continuously supplied with positive pressure HEPA filtered Vertical air flow.The laminarity of the flow prevents cross contamination between the items handled in the working space.

Horizontal Unidirectional

Vertical Laminar

Reverse Laminar

Vertical Laminar

Air Shower

Air Shower is designed to supply Class 100 HEPA filtered air at high velocity to remove particulate matter from the person entering into the Clean Room

Air shower is a self-contained air chamber installed at the entrance to cleanrooms in order to minimize the amount of particulate contaminants entering the cleanroom. Personnel move through the air shower while particulate contaminants are washed off with high velocity HEPA-filtered air jets. The high air velocity of 6000 FPM ensures efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter. Contaminated air is then taken in through the base of the unit, filtered, and re-circulated into the chamber.

Two stage filtration- EU6 and EU 14

SS 304 doors with double walled flush glass view panels & door closer

Air cleanliness – ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E)

Air Velocities- 6000 fpm

Vibration Level – Minimum

Noise Level – Less than 70 dB

Fan Filter Units

Alfa Fan Filter Units (FFU) are designed for equipping individual workplaces or entire Clean room ceilings in a clean room environment. They are used to supply air and to reduce the particle concentration in Clean room facilities.

The FFU motors have sufficient power reserve capacity to overcome any additional pressure loss due to e.g. for raised floor, return air shafts, pre-filter, AMC-Filter or air cooler/heater.

Grill Opening

Grill openings and cutouts for other climate control equipment can be factory installed to induce labor costs and assembly time.

Pass Through Chambers

Pass through chambers minimize entry of contaminants (into the clean room) by providing a means for pick-up and delivery of products and supplies without personnel entry.

Productivity is increased because (clean room) workers remain clean and on the job while delivery personnel and contaminants.