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Fan Filter Units

Air Shower

Air Shower is designed to supply Class 100 HEPA filtered air at high velocity to remove particulate matter from the person entering into the Clean Room

Air shower is a self-contained air chamber installed at the entrance to cleanrooms in order to minimize the amount of particulate contaminants entering the cleanroom. Personnel move through the air shower while particulate contaminants are washed off with high velocity HEPA-filtered air jets. The high air velocity of 6000 FPM ensures efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter. Contaminated air is then taken in through the base of the unit, filtered, and re-circulated into the chamber.

Two stage filtration- EU6 and EU 14

SS 304 doors with double walled flush glass view panels & door closer

Air cleanliness – ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E)

Air Velocities- 6000 fpm

Vibration Level – Minimum

Noise Level – Less than 70 dB