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Clean Room Wall /Ceiling Integrated Accessories

Quick Installation and Construction

Advantages of Using Modular Clean room wall Panels / Doors Systems.The one-piece construction of the Alfa Puf panel system assures rapid completion of the wall and roof system. Factory fabricated composite panels are attached directly to the supporting structure and multiple steps to construct the insulated wall and roof are eliminated. Faster building completion means reduced construction and interim financing costs.

Superior Insulating Value

Alfa Puf panel Panels provide excellent insulation across the entire wall and roof area. The advanced polyurethane core and impermeable steel faces provide insulation values that significantly lower heating and cooling costs.

Low Maintenance

Our durable, prefabricated modular walls require little maintenance, eliminating the cost for repainting, surface repairs and other maintenance associated with conventional construction materials.


  • Exterior Profile: Corrugated pattern (1/8" deep) or no profile option.
  • Interior Profile:Corrugated pattern (1/8" deep) or no profile option.
  • Panel Core:Panel cores are comprised of foamed-in place, Blister-Free, Non-CFC polyurethane,Factory Mutual Class 1 approval
  • Panel Thickness: 30/40/50/60/80/100/120/150 mm
  • Lengths: 2-15 m. max.
  • Surface Finish: Pre painted / Powder coated / Stainless steel
  • Standard Colours: White and customised colour against order
  • Joint: Offset double tongue and groove with extended metal shelf for positive face fastening.