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Wall Partitions

Progressive Wall Partitions systems

Wall panels systems are ideal for applications with significant bulk heading requirements, and anti-static wall systems.

Tongue and grove panel systems

An all-purpose modular clean room system, features various thick wall Panels that can utilize a wide variety of wall panels. These panels can be used to outfit existing facilities or create freestanding envelope structures.


  • Standard size : 1200 X 3000mm (Other sizes customizable on request)
  • Extensive Bulk heading Flexibility
  • Support for Process/Utilities
  • Anti-static Wall Panels
  • Load-bearing Systems

Unlimited Wall Panel Options

Wall panels Designed for life science, biotech and pharmaceutical applications that require a Designed primarily for the microelectronics and nano tech industries,

Flush wall surface with radius corners for ease of cleaning. Wall panels feature non-porous surfaces with architectural finishes that withstand repeated cleaning and sanitization with various chemical solutions.


Our modular systems can be easily expanded,relocated or reused, allowing the enclosure to adapt to future changes or server expansion at your business.

Clean Installation

Prefabricated modular components require minimal on-site fabrication, minimizing the possibility of dust and other contaminants near servers.

Low Maintenance

Our durable, prefabricated modular walls require little maintenance, eliminating the cost for repainting, surface repairs and other maintenance associated with conventional construction materials.

Non Progressive Wall Partitions systems

Designed to meet the specifications of clean room environments all-purpose system Featuring 50 mm, 60mm , 80 mm,100mm wall systems that can utilize a wide variety of wall panels. This system can be used to outfit existing facilities or create freestanding envelope structures

Professional Appearance

Concealed clips and fasteners at the side joint of the panels offers a clean, high profile appearance especially when compared to the "barn-like" metal building looks of many systems on the market


  • Load-bearing Systems
  • In-Stud Wiring / Utility Raceways
  • Non-progressive Construction


  • Wall panels provide flush, seamless wall surface
  • Wall panels utilized to allow flush wall Surface on both sides on stud framework
  • Ideal for wash down environments
  • Easy removal of panels without disturbing adjacent panels, ceiling or framework for minimum contamination
  • Superior finish
  • ln-Stud Wiring Raceways
  • Integrated Ceiling Options
  • Integrated Window Options
  • Completely Flush Panel System
  • Cavity Wall Design
  • Fully Integrated Aseptic Envelope
  • Integrated Flush Ceiling & Window Systems
  • Easy Process Integration

Wall panels Partitions for Industrial /Commercial

The "All in One" In Plant partition Wall System Whether you need to create office space in your factory, enclose a powder coating operation, or divide plant space from floor to ceiling, alfa Pre engineered wall partition will have a wall system for your need.

Alfa modular wall systems are ideal for creating in-plant demising walls quickly and cost effectively due to the minimal waste and shorter installation time frame compared to traditional construction materials. Plus, their modular design allows these wall systems to be moved or re-located - a perfect solution that adapts with changing business needs.Reach heights of 50-feet from floor to ceiling to completely enclose an area to create temperature and humidity controlled enclosures.

When large spaces in your facility need to be divided from floor to ceiling, we offer several extra tall wall systems that are ideal for creating temporary demising walls or permanent enclosures to enhance environmental control, workflow efficiency, or to improve throughout. Due to their prefabricated design, these modular wall systems integrate easily with one another as well as with the existing building's structure. Reduced Installation time and less disruption to work space as compared to traditionally built walls. Reduced Cost and Materials.

Free Standing Walls

Create smaller free-standing structures without a ceiling to take advantage of existing lighting and fire protection.Span great lengths in order to divide an entire manufacturing plant into separate areas.

The panels are an innovative modular wall system that does not require a framing system. Its innovative design is ideal for effectively and economically dividing your plant space from floor to roof. Core laminated between galvanized sheet steel.A lightly corrugated profile on both faces of the panel ensures symetry from outside the building to inside and from room to room.


ALFA Riser is extensively applied to overall appearances of cleaned rooms. Through strong manufacturing capabilities, we are able to provide Customized Return Air Riser as per the specifications of clients. Suitable for Pharma & Food application, clean room application. M O C – 16 SWG.G I powder coated & SS 304 We provide customized design for return air risers as per the requirement. Riser with 10 micron filter, Hepa filter is manufactured. Front & top operated volume control damper is provided to control flow through riser. SS 304 perforated sheet, aluminium or G I powder coated perforated sheet are provided as per the requirement

  • We also provide Mezzanine Platinum Structure
  • Walk able ceilings for clean rooms
  • Mezzanine structure to set up the AHU units and allow serviceability
  • Mezzanine support for false ceiling and carry AHU loads
  • Free standing Plenum caps

Climate & Atmosphere control

Polyurethane Insulating Core Aluminium metal Facings (18-26 gauge) Stainless steel

Camlock Systems

Alfa s “CAMLOCK Insulated Panel System”, out-performs all other polyurethane panel systems, by offering panel joint that is Mechanically Closed, producing an “Airtight Seal”. Alfa panels are the preferred choice for the Food, Cold Storage, Government, Industrial, Medical, & Scientific Research industries.