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"World's Best Manufacturing Process with continuous Production line for Sandwich PUF/PIR Panels."


Sandwich Rockwool roof/wall panels

The top & bottom surface of Rook Wool Sandwich Panel is galvanized & pre-painted steel, or galvanized steel. Core material is rock wool with density at 100kg/m3, the rock wool is upright against the surfaces. There are high strength vesicant between rock wools and surfaces. This product is featured with full anti-firing, more heating & sound insulation, It is widely used as the wall or roof for cold storage, industrial workshop, public building etc.

Reaction to Fire

Reaction to fire is the degree in which a meterial resists combustion, aa regard to this, materials are assigned a class (0 through 5), the higher the class, the higher degree of combustion, Since the panel consists of two steel facings with a layer of rockwool insulation sandwiched between, the Class 0 refers to the external surfaces, with Class 1 referring to the insulation core.

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  2. Advantages
  3. Application

Alfaa Panels System Comprise of Pre-Fabricated Composite sandwich panels with high density Rockwool Converted to Lamellar as core and profiled/ plain,colour coated galvanized steel / Galvalume Steel sheet facing on both sides, complete with joints sealants and fixing ancillaries.

Application: Panels System provides an one step solution in the form of insulated Walls and Roofing for easy and quicker construction of power plant Turbine-Generator Building. DG Set Power Project Building, Driers, Ovens and other Industrial and Commercial Buildings.

Rockwool Insulation Provided are non-combustible grade Rockwool of density 96kg/m3

Thermal Conductivity value of 0.034 w/mk at 20°C.

Panels are available in Various length (upto 10 mtrs) and Standard effective width of 1000 mm and thickness 50-100mm

The panels are finished with tongue & groove jointing arrangement

Rockwool shall also have sound absorption property.

Panels For Both Wall & Roof Available.


Tongue and groove type joinery system.

Hidden self tapping screws for aesthetic appeal.

Great energy saver

Fast and easy installation

Light weight

Space saving

Various designs.vivid colours./p>

Energy conservation as per ECBC code.

Alfa sandwich panels have the following advantages over single skin/double skin field insulated panels.

High load bearing capacity at low weight.

Excellent and durable thermal insulation.

capacity for rapid erection without lifting equipments.Easier installation in hostile weather conditions.

Easy repair and replacement in case of damage.

Long life and very low maintenance cost

Good sound insulation

Reasonable fire reaction and resistance

Industrial Building



Partitions-Semi Glazed

False Ceiling

Walk-on False Ceiling

Commercial Buildings


Side wall panelling

Partitions-Semi Glazed





Cold storage/Blast Freezers

insulated Ceiling

insulated Walls

Farm House

Decorative siding panels

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing units

clean Rooms

Walk-on False Ceiling

Return-Air Boxing

Air Handling Units

Insulated panels.

Poultry Form



Dairy industry



Malls/Departmental Stores




Sound absorption panels

Self-supporting panel system, insulated with Rockwool for roof and wall applications, requiring a high degree of resistance to fire, combined with sound absorption. panel consists of a profiled external steel facing, an internal flat, but perforated liner, with an insulation core of high density orientated rockwool, arranged perpendicular to the plane of the panel and positioned in strips, laid longitudinally with off-set joints and transversally compacted, in such a way as to completely fill the void between the two metal facings.